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Scheduling A PIECE OF CAKE

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Smarter way of scheduling Appointments, Meetings, Classes, Interviews and Reservation.

Appointment scheduling made easy

Dump old appointments books and excel sheets. With our online calendar, easily reschedule and cancel appointments. Switch to a modern way of appointment scheduling.

Manage Staff

Manage staff schedules with just a few clicks. Also, let them manage their own appointments and print out their schedules for the day. Staff management? It’s within your finger tips.

Notify Clients

Tired of no-shows and decreasing revenue? Send automated reminders to your clients. Say bye-bye to missed appointments.

Sync with your favourite calendar

Worried that your appointments with clients will mess up your personal meetings and appointments? Well you can sync your favourite calendar with Instructor Dash and you are good to go.

Be on board with your business with easy scheduling using Instructor Dash

Reduced No Shows

Better Staff Management

Online Scheduling

Increased Revenue

Don't have a website?

Our team at Instructor Dash has put effort into creating a platform that is SME friendly.With just three steps the world is in your hands.